How people find you

The Statistics → How people find you section shows the last 50 processed visits to your company profile. You can learn which services and queries take people to your company and analyze what attracts their attention.

All actions taken with sections and buttons in the profile are registered. For example, when a user builds a route or views a photo. The system doesn't show whether the user submitted a score or review.

To study the visit in detail, click the card.

The data is updated daily. Data processing is delayed 1-2 days. Information is anonymized. Only the session time is specified.


Why did a user come to my company profile from another company's profile?
If you launched an ad campaign, the information about your company was added to the Similar places block in your competitors' profiles and the search for related queries and business categories. Your company's data in someone else's profile block attracted the user's attention, and they clicked through to your company profile. That visit was recorded and included in the report.