Chain management

Benefits of combining businesses into a chain

If your businesses are combined into a chain, you can update information for multiple branches at the same time. You can also upload one logo for the entire chain.

Chain owners enjoy a simplified company card verification procedure: when you confirm your rights to the chain, you get access to all branch cards. New branches automatically appear in your account after moderation. You don't need to confirm them again.

Clicking the active All branches in chain link in a branch card on Yandex Maps shows all branches in the chain.

Requirements for making a chain

You can combine two or more branches or affiliates into a chain if the following conditions are met:

  • All branches have the same name, which complies with the service rules.
  • All branches have at least one business category in common. For example, businesses from the Bank, ATM, and Payment terminal categories can't be combined into a chain.
  • All branches have a common website and phone number.
  • The chain's website shows the addresses of all branches. If the chain doesn't have a website, all branch cards should contain a common phone number.

  • Businesses from the “Car dealership” category can only be combined into a chain if they have two or more addresses in the same region. Note that you have to create a separate company card for each car make.

  • Dealerships or company representatives can't be combined into a chain if they are not official branches or affiliates of the company.

How to combine branches into a chain

  1. Make sure all branches are added to Yandex Business.

  2. Use the form below to send a request to combine branches into a chain. In the request, specify:

When this information has been added, a notification will be sent to the email address you have entered. It usually takes 5-7 days to add a new chain and link the branches.

Manage chain price lists

Price lists for branches can be added by anyone who has access to the chain. When you add items or upload price lists, the information is displayed for all branches in the region.

You can upload price lists for all regions manually.

If the chain only operates in one region, the products for that region will be displayed.

To add price lists for different regions, use separate files for each one.

To upload a price list for a branch:

  1. Go to the Products and services section in the chain card.
  2. Select All regions or the region you need.
  3. Click + Add products and services.
  4. Upload the price list by following the instructions.

Products and services that you add with the region specified get the Chain product label. If you make changes to regional products and services in your account, the changes are applied to all the branches in your chain at once.

In the branch card, you can only edit the price, the volume, and the In stock and Popular options for chain products. Other changes can only be made when editing the chain price list in the chain card.

You can't delete chain products from the branch card.

I created a chain, but I don't see it among my businesses

If you received a notification saying that your business branches were combined into a chain, only you don't see it on the Businesses page, link the chain to your account. To do this:

  1. Find the chain in Yandex Business by name and click This is my chain.
  2. Get the verification code and enter it to confirm your rights.

How to update information about branches

There are several ways to add branches and update data about them:

As XML (recommended) or CSV files

This is convenient for chains with more than 30 branches.

Advantages of updating with an XML file:

  • Data about your branches will always be up-to-date in all Yandex services and mobile applications. Your potential customers will be able to easily find the nearest branch using Yandex Maps.
  • You can fully automate the transfer of data about branches by configuring exports from 1C, ERP (SAP, Axapta), or other systems.
  • You can transmit all the information about branches, including photos and additional parameters, in XML files.

For more information, see Updating data via XML files and Updating data via CSV files.

Manually in the Yandex Business interface This works for chains that have a small number of branches (less than 30) with information that rarely changes.

For more information, see How to update chain information.

Post the data on your website and contact support You can post data about branches on your website so it's automatically collected by the Yandex Business robot. This is the least efficient way, because there may be difficulties when obtaining data. It can only be used if other options are not suitable for you.