Change history

  1. Pre-moderation
  2. Types of changes

You can track all changes made to your company card in the About the business → Changes tab.

It shows changes made by you and the Yandex Business support team. For example, new addresses, phone numbers, websites, services, or logos.

It also includes changes suggested by users on Yandex Maps. For example, a user could add new photos, update the business's location, or add or remove entrances.

The tab doesn't display pricing changes.


In the Waiting for approval section, you can accept or reject any changes made by users to your company card on Yandex Maps.

If you don't reject the changes in this section within three days, they are published automatically.

After processing, the changes are recorded to the Change history section with the Approved or Rejected status.

Types of changes

All changes made to the company card are displayed in the Sent for review section as requests for changes. Requests can be made by:

  • Business or chain owners and representatives.
  • ya.robot: Yandex Business support.

Requests should include: the type of change, old and new information, the author, and the date and time of the edit.

Once verified, the request is moved to the Change history section with the Approved or Rejected status. Approved changes are published to the company card on Yandex Maps and in search results.

Tip. If the changes aren't displayed in your company card, on Yandex Maps, or in search results after passing moderation, try clearing your cookies and browser cache.