Activate or change service plan

Restriction. In some countries, paid plans are not available for Yandex.Mail 360 for Business. If you want to use additional features, contact us at
  1. Activate plan
  2. Deactivate paid services
  3. If the volume of uploaded files exceeds the available Disk space

Activate plan

To activate or change your service plan in Yandex.Mail 360 for Business:

  1. Go to Service plan and payment.

    The cards for currently activated service plans are highlighted in blue.

  2. To switch to a different service plan, click Activate or Try it out (if the free trial period is available for this service plan).
  3. In the confirmation window, click Activate plan.
  4. If you haven't previously provided your company's details, fill in the form and click Register.

    This data is required for billing if you use paid service plans.

The selected service plan will be activated for your company. Keep in mind that:

  • The “Yandex.Mail for Business” service plan may be activated simultaneously with the “Yandex.Disk for Business +200 GB” or “Yandex.Disk for Business +2 TB” plan.
  • When you activate the “Professional”, “Standard”, or “Basic” service plans, all previously activated service plans are automatically disabled.
Note. Paid Yandex.Disk features are immediately activated for all company employees. If some employees in your company don't require paid features, don't invite them. Or you can purchase individual subscriptions for employees who need additional space in Yandex.Disk.

Deactivate paid services

To deactivate paid services in Yandex.Mail 360 for Business:

  1. Go to the card for the activated service plan, click Activated, then click Disable.
  2. In the confirmation window, click Disable plan.

If the volume of uploaded files exceeds the available Disk space

If you change the service plan or have an outstanding payment, the total size of files uploaded by users may exceed the available storage space in Yandex.Disk. File operations are limited for these users:

  • They can't upload new files, share files, create shared folders, or view videos.
  • Files that the user shared earlier can't be downloaded using a public link.
  • API access is disabled.

Other file-related features will remain available: users will still be able to view, move, edit, or delete their files, as well as download them to their computer.

To restore full access to file operations, delete the excess files or switch to a paid plan.
Tip. To avoid losing files, download them to your computer before you delete them.

For example: an employee uploads 40 GB of files to Yandex.Disk. After the paid options are deactivated, they only have 10 GB of storage available. That means the employee won't be able to upload files until they delete the extra 30 GB of files they've already uploaded or switch to a paid plan. But they will still be able to view, download, move, edit or delete files they have already uploaded.