Admins are employees with the rights to manage the company settings in Yandex 360 for Business. In particular, admins can:

  • Add and remove other admins.
  • Manage employee accounts.
  • Manage the company structure: for example, create departments, add employees to them, and appoint supervisors.
  • Divide employees into groups (for example, to work on a large project or with a particular customer).
  • Increase Yandex Disk space for individual employees.
  • Act as payers: top up the company's balance in Yandex 360 for Business with a bank card.

By default, the company owner is its main admin. You cannot delete the company owner, but you can change them.


To find out who can manage your company settings:

  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Users with administrator rights have the admin tag next to their names, and their portraits are marked with a special icon:


You can revoke administrator rights for any admin other than the company owner:

  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Select an employee and click  → Revoke administrator rights.