Mobile development

  • Android
  • iOS
This track is only available in Russian

Yandex focuses on both creating new mobile products and improving existing ones. Our teams tackle challenges at the level of code, OS, and infrastructure. We also design and document solution architecture and participate in creating APIs.

We are continually working to improve the convenience, performance, and quality of our products, and the results of our work are enjoyed by millions of people every day.

  1. Implementing your own component to solve a specific problem
  2. Implementing an original solution to solve a problem
  3. Finding problems in an app and fixing them
  4. Implementing an optimal algorithm or selecting an optimal data structure


Prizes will be awarded to the strongest in each sub-category:
  • 500,000 RUBFirst place
  • 150,000 RUBSecond place
  • 100,000 RUBThird place


  • Qualifying
    You may compete in several categories. The best performing participants will go to the semi-finals
  • Semi-finals
    The top 10 competitors in iOS track and the top 10 competitors in Android track will advance to the finals
  • Finals
    An in-person competition in Almaty. The winners will receive cash prizes


  • Ilya Bogin
    Ilya Bogin
    Head of Platform for Developers
  • Liubov Polianskaia
    Liubov Polianskaia
  • Alexander Denisov
    Alexander Denisov
    Lead developer
  • Kseniia Lukoshkina
    Kseniia Lukoshkina
    iOS developer
  • Kirill Aldonin
    Kirill Aldonin
    Lead Developer
  • Ivan Alekseev
    Ivan Alekseev
    Senior iOS developer
  • Daniil Fukalov
    Daniil Fukalov
    Software Developer
  • Andrey Sikerin
    Andrey Sikerin
    Head iOS SuperApp Development Group
  • Alexey Panchenko
    Alexey Panchenko
    Mobile DevOps Engineer
  • Starchenko Alexander
    Starchenko Alexander
    Software Developer

This track

is only available in Russian