Frontend development

  • JavaScript
This track is only available in Russian

We have high expectations when it comes to the quality and speed of interface development, combined with a low tolerance for errors — we want it done right the first time.

We have a huge development team, so teamwork is essential for coding and we make use of code reviews, pair programming, common standards, libraries, and code reuse. The problems in this track will inspire anyone who likes to write code without being distracted by mundane development processes.

We kept the problems as close as possible to the real-life ones that we solve every day.

  1. Techniques of functional and reactive programming
  2. Understanding the TypeScript type system
  3. Big data processing
  4. Working with events and asynchrony
  5. Advanced CSS layout techniques
  6. Non-obvious ways to solve problems


  • 300,000 RUBFirst place
  • 250,000 RUBSecond place
  • 200,000 RUBThird place
  • 150 000 RUBFourth place
  • 100 000 RUBFifth place
  • +100 000 RUBbest student in category


  • Qualifying
    You may compete in several categories. The best performing participants will go to the finals.
  • Final
    You may choose only one category. Winners will receive cash prizes


  • Sergey Berezhnoy
    Sergey Berezhnoy
    Developer relations
  • Nikolay Dozmorov
    Nikolay Dozmorov
    Senior interface developer
  • Dmitrii Chekanov
    Dmitrii Chekanov
    Senior interface developer
  • Pavel Piliak
    Pavel Piliak
    Interface developer
  • Roman Barlos
    Roman Barlos
    Interface developer
  • Nikita Sidorov
    Nikita Sidorov
  • David Roganov
    David Roganov
    Team leader
  • Alexander Snetkov
    Alexander Snetkov
    Interface developer
  • Aliaksei Tatarau
    Aliaksei Tatarau
    Interface developer
  • Kirill Ivakhnin
    Kirill Ivakhnin
    Interface developer
  • Nikita Churakov
    Nikita Churakov
    Interface developer
  • Bataev Dmitrii
    Bataev Dmitrii
    Interface developer
  • Evgeny Korytov
    Evgeny Korytov
    Frontend web developer
  • Daniil Pletnev
    Daniil Pletnev
    Interface developer

This track

is only available in Russian