Backend development

  • Java
  • Python
  • Go
  • C#
  • C++
This track is only available in Russian

Backend developers at Yandex are engaged in a variety of tasks: designing high-load services, optimizing performance, processing data, creating product logic, and implementing user scenarios. This means that everyone can find a team and project that is a good match.

The backend development track exposes you to the variety of problems that we solve.

  1. Traditional algorithmic problems
  2. Working with databases
  3. Implementing and using HTTP APIs


  • 300,000 RUBFirst place
  • 250,000 RUBSecond place
  • 200,000 RUBThird place
  • 150 000 RUBFourth place
  • 100 000 RUBFifth place
  • +100 000 RUBbest student in category


  • Qualifying
    You may compete in several categories. The best performing participants will go to the finals.
  • Final
    You may choose only one category. Winners will receive cash prizes


  • Vadim Shilov
    Vadim Shilov
  • Anna Kopteva
    Anna Kopteva
  • Ruslan Sabirov
    Ruslan Sabirov
  • Andrey Halyavin
    Andrey Halyavin
    Leading developer
  • Mikhail Prokhorov
    Mikhail Prokhorov
  • Vitaly Moskovkin
    Vitaly Moskovkin
    Team leader
  • Ilnar Sabirzyanov
    Ilnar Sabirzyanov
  • Dmitrii Dolgov
    Dmitrii Dolgov
    Senior developer
  • Aleksey Zheglov
    Aleksey Zheglov
    Software engineer

This track

is only available in Russian