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Yandex has supported competitive programming for many years: it arranges competitions and organizes training camps and schools. From 2011 to 2018, the company held international competitions for competitive programing: Yandex.Algorithm.

This year, it's back as a separate track, and its tasks were created by Yandex developers, programming competition participants.


  • 500,000 RUBFirst place
  • 250,000 RUBSecond place
  • 200,000 RUBThird place
  • 150,000 RUBFourth place
  • 100,000 RUBFifth place


  • Qualifying
    You may compete in several categories. The best performing participants will go to the semi-finals
  • Semi-finals
    You only need to choose one track. The top 20 competitors in each will advance to the finals
  • Finals
    An in-person competition in Almaty. The winners will receive cash prizes


  • Alexander Minakov
    Alexander Minakov
    Head of Department
  • Andrey Khalyavin
    Andrey Khalyavin
    Leading Software Developer
  • Ayuka Erdneev
    Ayuka Erdneev
    Team Lead of Lamp Services Development Group
  • Kiryl Shyrma
    Kiryl Shyrma
    Software Developer
  • Ainur Ibatov
    Ainur Ibatov
    Software Developer
  • Roman Zhiganov
    Roman Zhiganov
    Alice Audio Scenarios Development Team lead
  • Alina Belodedova
    Alina Belodedova
    Junior Developer
  • Aleksey Tolstikov
    Aleksey Tolstikov
    Head of Yandex school of data analysis
  • Alexey Mikhnenko
    Alexey Mikhnenko
    Intern Developer