Open championship for developers in six categories:

Solving Art
  1. 8,500,000 RUB prize fundCash prizes are awarded in each category
  2. Test yourselfJoin the championship to see how you compare with other programmers
  3. Shortcut to YandexShow your skills to Yandex recruiters
  4. In-person finalsAn opportunity to face off against the world’s best programmers. Yandex will pay for travel to the venue and accommodation in Almaty


Prizes will be awarded to the strongest in each category*
  • 500,000 RUBFirst place
  • 250,000 RUBSecond place
  • 200,000 RUBThird place
  • 150,000 RUBFourth place
  • 100,000 RUBFifth place
*For more information about the prizes, go to the track pages.


  • Qualifying
    You may compete in several categories. The best performing participants will go to the semi-finals
  • Semi-finals
    You only need to choose one track. The top 20 competitors in each will advance to the finals
  • Finals
    An in-person competition in Almaty. The winners will receive cash prizes


  • How difficult are the tasks?

    Most of the tasks are designed for experienced developers, but everyone can try their hand — some of the tasks will be interesting even for beginners.

  • Is the championship for those who want to get a job at Yandex?

    Not at all. This is an open competition for everyone. But if any of the finalists would like to join Yandex, they can go through a simplified selection process. We're always looking for strong programmers.

  • Can I compete in multiple categories?

    You can compete in several categories in the trial and qualifying rounds, but you must choose only one for the finals.

  • How much time is given to solve the tasks?

    The qualifying rounds will last one week. You must choose the best time during this period when it will be most convenient for you to solve the tasks without being distracted. The finals will take place on December 2—3. See rules for each category.

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