Yandex.Direct API

More data in Reports: statistics for display campaigns
3 May, 18:52

The Reports service now returns statistics for:

  • Added the value CPM_BANNER_CAMPAIGN for the CampaignType field.
  • Added the new report type REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT, which shows the new fields AvgCpm (average price per thousand impressions), AvgImpressionFrequency (average impression frequency per user) and ImpressionReach (impression reach: the number of unique users who were shown a banner).
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A new approach to setting bids: KeywordBids available for testing
12 April, 14:03

Not long ago we published the documentation for the KeywordBids service in the open beta version of the Direct API. Now the service is available in the full version of the Direct API. You can begin testing your applications and get ready for the launch of the new bid setting interface in Yandex.Direct.

As you remember, prices in Yandex.Direct will soon be calculated not for positions, but for the traffic amounts that correspond to specific formats and places in which your ads can appear. This is a significant change, but not a reason to worry — it should make understanding prices in auctions easier. In any case, here are some answers to popular questions about the launch:

  • The auction and ranking on search will remain unchanged. Improving your ads’ CTR and relevance will still mean that you can get impressions in more noticeable positons and better CPC. The launch of the new interface will not push click prices higher or lower — pricing will remain unchanged. Click prices will be calculated according to the rules of the VCG auction, as they are now.
  • The new KeywordBids service offers more data including the full array of bids and CPC on search, as well as for impressions in expanded format. The more new formats and ad blocks appear on search results pages, the better KeywordBids will perform in comparison to other more outdated methods of calculating prices for positions.
  • The launch will neither disable the Bids service nor break your applications. The Bids service will be available during the transition period, giving you time to begin using the new service and change the logic used to set bids in applications. This means that for some time after the launch you will continue to see bids for positions in the new interface, allowing you to compare positions and traffic volumes in your own campaigns.

When to expect these changes

We are planning to update the bid setting interface in the last two weeks of April. Once we have a definite date, we will be in touch.

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Disabled support for the IMPRESSIONS_BELOW_SEARCH strategy
30 March, 14:54

Disabled support for the IMPRESSIONS_BELOW_SEARCH strategy (for all types of campaigns) in the Campaigns service. If you pass this value in the BiddingStrategyType parameter for the Search structure, an error is returned.

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Bid adjustments for video
26 February, 19:07

The BidModifiers service now supports video bid adjustments (VideoAdjustment parameter) — a bid coefficient that is applied when showing ads with video extensions.

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Direct API News
31 January, 19:08

The Clients.get method now allows you to get agency parameters and user settings for the agency's representative.

And we added the CriterionType field in the Reports service.

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Image ads that use creatives
15 December 2017, 13:47

The Ads service now supports image ads that use creatives created in the Ad Builder. We added new subtypes of IMAGE_AD type.

See more information about ad types in the documentation.

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Support for image ads that use creatives created in the AdBuilder
8 December 2017, 23:29

Next week the Ads service will support image ads that use creatives created in the AdBuilder.

We will add new subtypes of type IMAGE_AD: TEXT_AD_BUILDER_AD (a text and image ad) and MOBILE_APP_AD_BUILDER_AD (a mobile app ad).

How to work with new subtypes:

  • To create or edit an ad, pass its parameters in the TextAdBuilderAd or MobileAppAdBuilderAd structure for the add or update method.
  • To get the ad parameters, list the parameter names in the TextAdBuilderAdFieldNames or the MobileAppAdBuilderAdFieldNames input parameter for the get method.

You can create creatives in the Yandex.Direct web interface only. You can download the list of creatives with their IDs from the AdBuilder.

Please see more information about image ads that use creatives in the documentation.

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Changes to point calculations for Keywords.get and Bids.get
23 November 2017, 03:22

Next week, we will change the number of points deducted and calculation logic for the get method in the Keywords and Bids services.

Previously, to retrieve data for keywords (Keywords.get), you would spend 1 point for every keyword and 15 points for every method call. We decided to decrease the cost of these operations and balance points when working with the Keywords and Bids services.

New values:

Keywords.get – 1 point per 2000 keywords, if none of the Productivity, StatisticsSearch, StatisticsNetwork parameters are requested, and 3 points for 2000 keywords with a request for any statistical data.

Bids.get – 3 points per 2000 keywords.

If fewer than 2000 keywords are retrieved, points are deducted only for the method call. The cost in points for get method calls in these services remains unchanged.

As a result, the cost in points will decrease in general, especially if you previously spent a lot of points to synchronize data for keywords. Additionally, you will be able to flexibly select which keywords you want to retrieve data for and how much you will spend.

In other news:

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API: Information from Yandex.Business Directory when serving ads on Yandex.Maps
19 September 2017, 17:19

You can use new setting to display information about an organization from Yandex.Business Directory when serving ads on Yandex.Maps: we added the campaign setting ENABLE_COMPANY_INFO to methods for the Campaigns service (for campaigns with the “Text & Image Ads” and “Dynamic ads” types).

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News and upcoming changes to the Direct API
15 September 2017, 17:19

A long-awaited feature has come to the Reports service in the fifth version of the API: support for requests in JSON format.

We also added new methods to the AgencyClients and Clients services for editing parameters of agency clients and advertisers, editing settings of users representing advertisers (Clients.update, AgencyClients.add, AgencyClients.update). And the Campaigns service has disabled support for the ENABLE_BEHAVIORAL_TARGETING setting in the Settings structure (the “Do not consider user preferences” option).

We are continuing to gradually close the methods in the 4 and Live 4 versions of the API:

  1. In December of 2017 we plan to disable the following methods:
    UpdateClientInfo and UpdateClientInfo (Live), GetSubClients, GetClientsList and GetClientsList (Live), GetClientInfo and GetClientInfo (Live), CreateNewSubclient and CreateNewSubclient (Live), GetClientsUnits, RetargetingCondition (Live), Retargeting (Live).
  2. Statistics methods in versions 4 and Live 4 will be disabled in February of 2018:
    CreateNewReport and CreateNewReport (Live), GetReportList, DeleteReport, GetBalance and GetBalance (Live), GetSummaryStat (Live), GetBannersStat (Live).

If you use any of the methods that we are planning to disable, you should quickly transfer them to API 5. Otherwise, these applications can lose access to the API.

The documentation in the Migration Guide provides all the information about method and parameter equivalents in the API Live 4 and API 5 versions needed to correctly transfer your applications to the fifth version of the API.

We will inform you at each stop of the closing of these methods.

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Added support for second ad title
16 August 2017, 11:27

Now you can choose a second ad title (35 characters in length). And your ad texts can be up to 81 characters long.

  • In the Ads service, added the Title2 parameter for text and image ads.
  • Changed the restrictions on the number of characters in the Title and Text fields for text and image ads, and in the Text field for dynamic ads. We recommend getting the updated list of restrictions by calling the Dictionaries.get method with the Constants reference list specified in the request.
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More data in Reports: query statistics from search sites
8 August 2017, 19:28

A report with the SEARCH_QUERY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT type now contains statistics for queries from search sites in the Yandex Advertising Network. The report includes information from both Yandex and its search partners.

In this type of report you can see the name of the site in the Placement field. To view statistics for different sites separately, you can filter the Placement field by site name.

Additional news: Autofocus is become built-in campaign feature
The Campaigns service has disabled support for the ENABLE_AUTOFOCUS setting in the Settings structure.

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Related keywords get even simpler
23 June 2017, 05:59

Managing your Related keywords and Additional relevant phrases is now even simpler — as of today, they have combined into one easy-to-use tool:

1. Changes to settings in the Campaigns service for impressions for related keywords in “Text & Image Ads” campaigns:

  • The BudgetPercent parameter in the RelevantKeywords structure supports any integer values from 1 to 100.
  • The Mode parameter in the RelevantKeywords structure is not supported and its value is ignored.
  • The ENABLE_RELATED_KEYWORDS setting in the Settings structure is not supported.

2. The Reports service has the new fields MatchedKeyword, Criterion, and CriterionId.

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Data for new Premium Placement positions
20 June 2017, 16:04

Support for new Premium Placement positions has been added to the Bids service. The AuctionBids array, returned via the Bids.get method, now features the element 'P14' (fourth position in Premium Placement) with the minimum bids and click prices for the extra ad. The SearchPrices array for Position="PREMIUMBLOCK" also gives the value 'P14' — the entry price for Premium Placement. Also the 'P14' has been added as the query parameter Position of the Bids.setAuto method.

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Regional bid adjustment
3 May 2017, 16:27

The BidModifiers service now supports regional bid adjustments. You can use the BidModifiers.add method (see the RegionalAdjustments array) to add a set of regions and bid coefficients that are applied when displaying ads in these regions on the campaign level.

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The KeywordsResearch service
18 April 2017, 19:04

Added the KeywordsResearch service for getting a forecast of impressions for keywords. Use the hasSearchVolume method to generate an approximate forecast of impressions for the specified keywords and regions, broken down by device type.

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API 5: Statistics for your whole account, custom reports, and much more
23 March 2017, 18:12

At last, the Reports service has come to the Yandex.Direct API.

You can find a description of the parameters and instructions on how to use them in the technical documentation. Several new report types, from statistics for individual ads to full account summaries, are now available. You can even get statistics for search queries. In addition, CUSTOM_REPORT allows you to choose any combination of fields and criteria to make your own customized report.

Please send any questions or feedback you have through the feedback form.

Good luck with your campaigns!

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Changes to minimum payment amount coming on March 22
15 March 2017, 13:01

We“d like to remind you that as of March 22, the minimum payment amount in Yandex.Direct will increase from 300 RUB to 1000 RUB (without VAT). To find out the minimum payment values for other currencies, please consult the table below.

Please note that this change only affects the minimum payment amount when you add funds to your account balance (for example, topping up your shared account, making credit transfers, or transferring funds between campaigns and clients). All other financial values, including your minimum CPC and minimum weekly budget, will remain unchanged.

The introduction of this new threshold can affect applications that perform financial operations using the Yandex.Direct API. Apps often use the minimum payment amount to allocate funds between Yandex.Direct and other advertising systems. Given that the minimum payment amount applies to each one of these operations, it is a good idea to begin preparing your applications for its implementation.

Currency:    New minimum  –  Previous minimum
Russian Ruble 1000 RUB w/o VAT – 300
Ukrainian Hryvnia 250 hryvnia w/o VAT – 80
Belorussian Ruble 30 – 9
Kazakhstani Tenge 5000 tenge w/o VAT – 1300
Turkish Lira 50 lira w/o VAT – 17
US Dollar 15 – 10
Euro 15 – 10
Swiss Francs 15 – 10
Yandex Units 15 with VAT – 10 with VAT

To find more detailed descriptions how to work with financial methods and shared account, please refer to the technical documentation.

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The AgencyClients service for agencies
6 March 2017, 18:16

We’ve released the new service for agencies — the AgencyClients service for API version 5. This service allows advertising agencies to manage their clients.

You can use the get method. This method of the AgencyClients service returns a list of advertisers who are agency clients, their parameters, and settings for each advertiser‘s chief representative.

Please note:
For requests to this service:
In the Authorization header, specify the access token you received for the agency representative. Don't specify the Client-Login header. You can find more details about roles of Yandex.Direct users in the documentation.

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Targeting by mobile app interests
28 February 2017, 19:23

You can now target mobile app ads by user interests in API version 5:

  • The Dictionaries.get method returns a reference list of mobile app categories to use as interests.
  • Methods of the AudienceTargets service now have the InterestId parameter (ID of an app category interest).
  • Added the InterestsChanged response parameter to the Changes.checkDictionaries method.
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