Yandex.Direct API

Turbo pages available in the Yandex.Direct API

The changes we wrote about earlier are now active:

  • New TurboPages service for getting Turbo pages that were created in the Turbo Page Builder.
  • Methods of the Ads service now have the TurboPageId parameter. The response to the Ads.get method also has the TurboPageModeration parameter.

    The Href parameter in the TextImageAd, TextAdBuilderAd, CpcVideoAdBuilderAd, and CpmBannerAdBuilderAd structures is now nillable in the Ads.update and Ads.get methods.

  • Methods of the Sitelinks service now have the TurboPageId parameter.

    The Href and Description parameters are now nillable in the Sitelinks.get method.

    The Sitelinks.get method has the new SitelinkFieldNames input parameter.