Video extensions

Video extensions allow you to turn your text ads into video ads. Just as for all Yandex.Direct ads, you only pay for clicks.

Short videos are created for all text and image ads. The created video uses the title, text, and link from your ad. We add a button and a background video from our collection.

Ads with video extensions are shown in ad networks (on websites and in video streams).

Working with video extensions

Video extensions will be automatically added to both new ads and ads that are already live. Ads that are currently live will have a video background taken from the Yandex.Direct video library, the theme of which will be suitable to the ad's subject matter. New ads will have a neutral theme.

Age restrictions and warnings are automatically added to video extensions.

You can see what the resulting video extension looks like on the ad group editing page. In the Ad extensions section, click on its name next to the Add button.

You cannot change the background video used or add your own. If you do not like the background video used, then remove the video extension on the ad group editing page and then add it again. A new video extension will be generated with a new background video that has a neutral theme.

Group campaign management

You can add video extensions immediately to several campaigns at once using mass campaign management tools. On the “My campaigns” page, check the boxes next to the names of the campaigns you want to change. A list of possible options will appear at the bottom of the page. Choose Add to all Text & Image Ads and click Apply.

At any moment you can disable video extensions from several campaigns immediately. On the “My campaigns” page, check the necessary boxes, select Remove from all Text & Image Ads and click Apply.

If you want to disable the addition of video extensions to new ads, then on your Yandex.Direct User settings page, uncheck the box marked automatically add to new Text & Image Ads in the Video extensions section.

Impression statistics

Statistical analysis can help you evaluate the productivity of ads with video extensions. You can use the Report Wizard to make these evaluations.

For example, you can compare the performance of ads that have no image, have an an image, or have a video extension by looking at how frequently they are served. To do this, in the Cross sections section, choose Formats. In the Columns section, choose Impressions, Clicks, CTR.

If you want to see ads in which users clicked on video extensions, then in the Cross sections section, choose Ad №, Click position. In Columns, select Clicks. Then add the filters Campaigns → Type → Text & Image Ads and Click position → button.

An impression will be counted after the first frame of a video is displayed, while a click will be counted after the button is clicked.