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Video extensions turn your Text & Image Ads into short videos (10-15 seconds). You can record your own video clip or find an appropriate stock video and upload it to Ad builder. Then we will add your ad title, text, and link to it so that you get unique creative for video network impressions. As with all Yandex.Direct ads, you only pay for clicks.

Ads with video extensions are served in ad networks (in InPage and InStream blocks). You can skip the video extension after 3 seconds in InStream blocks. In InPage blocks, sound begins when the pointer is on the video.

Types of video extensions

Upload your video clip to Ad builder and use a template with minimal text used as subtitles. The frequency of impressions for your own videoclips is not limited and the more frequent they display, the better your audience coverage. Our data shows that using a unique video clip may increase your conversion rate for video extensions by 38%.

How to add a video extension

Video extensions are added in the Text & Image Ads and Ads for mobile apps campaigns.

To create a video extension in Ad Builder, go to Videos in the ad editing page and click +.

You can create and add video extensions to multiple ads simultaneously by using multi-editing to make mass changes.

If you delete a video extension you created or the video doesn't pass moderation, a default video extension will display in its place.

If your ad campaign uses video extensions, you must enable ad network impressions. You can serve ads according to keywords and retargeting lists. The theme of the background video clip is not taken into account. Bids for clicks on ads should not be less than the minimum value.

An ad can be served both with and without a video extension.

Group campaign management

Each video extension you create will get a unique ID that you can see in the Ad builder.

Video extensions can be added, changed, or deleted in batches by ID:

Impression statistics

The statistics can help you evaluate how your video extension ads are performing. Compare overall campaign data to find out how video extensions have influenced your conversion rate, how your goal cost has changed, or what your CPC with the new creative is. Compare how your video extensions perform on various sites using the Sites cross section in the Report Wizard.

On various network sites, your ad may be served in different formats: with video extensions or images. In the Report Wizard, you can use the Formats cross section to compare CTR, conversion price, Cost per EC, and other ad performance indicators in various formats.

The system will register an impression for a video extension ad as soon as the first frame of the video displays. A click is registered when the title or button is clicked. If you want to see ads where users clicked on video extensions, go to Cross sections, and choose Ad №, Click position. In Columns, select Clicks. Then filter by Formats → Video extension and Click position → title, button.

Learn more about evaluating campaign performance.

Bid adjustments

You can set bid adjustments to raise or lower your bid when video extension ads are served. The minimum bid with a coefficient is 50% less than the original bid. The maximum bid is equal to the original bid plus 1200%

Bid adjustments can be set in the campaign settings or on the ad group editing page. More information about bid adjustments.