JavaScript API

A fast-loading interactive map with extensive search functionality, routes, panoramas, and all the Yandex Maps features. Transform your map into a sales tool with our API, allowing customers to easily select locations and place orders.

JS API Features

Embed an interactive map and configure buttons and gestures ensure a user-friendly workflow.
Customize the map's color to match the design of your site or app. Highlight stores, pickup points, ATMs, or other points by adjusting their color, shape, or even using logos.
Add layers with traffic, street panoramas, or your own data.
Make it easy to search locations by organization type or name.
Mark delivery, service, or cell coverage areas.
Create impressive showcases for real estate properties like apartments, hotels, offices, and other commercial buildings.
Visualize object locations, building density, and other data crucial for analyzing and expanding your infrastructure.
Embed an interactive map and configure buttons and gestures ensure a user-friendly workflow.

Yandex Maps JS API Advantages

Access to the latest cartographic data and street imagery.
A consistent look and feel across all devices and browsers.
Fast loading, with a 3x boost in the newest JavaScript API version.

Simplified development

Convenient React wrapper
A React JavaScript library wrapper that makes it easy to add interface elements and configure the map workflow.
Frontend development powered by TypeScript
Provides helpful built-in tips and reduces the need to constantly check instructions.
GeoJSON format
Mapping data loaded in the widely used GeoJSON format.


JavaScript API + Geocoder
Interactive maps for your website
Requests per year(basic)
What is the difference between the licenses?
Price per year. Exceeding limits costs extra.
Loading interactive maps (with moving and scaling)
Annual subscription
Capability to store and modify data
Up to 2.5M requests


Requests per year< 2 500 000< 10 000 000< 25 000 000< 50 000 000
Data storage
If you require an advanced license or additional requests, please let us know
Contact support
The price is calculated based on the features you choose to include
Unlimited license is not available

How to subscribe

Register an account
Select a product and plan
Add funds to your account, and you're ready to go


  • The API has three types of licenses: Free, Basic, and Advanced. The Advanced license includes all of the basic features. The use of each feature included in the Advanced license counts towards the final number of requests.
    The Free license is valid for up to 2.5 million requests per year.
    The Geocoder feature is considered an additional feature to the Basic or Advanced JavaScript license and is calculated as a separate product.
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