What questions does your site answer

The main purpose of Yandex search system is to provide answers to questions. If your site can do that better than any other site, the probability that it will be positioned topmost in the search results is maximized. Let's say that you or your company provide some kind of highly demanded service to people. In this case, you can create your own site to tell people about your services, to advertise yourself, and Yandex search will help the users to find answers to relevant questions on your web pages. While designing the site, you will benefit from understanding how the users formulate their needs in search queries. The position of the page in search results is very much affected by the match between the page text and the search query, i.e. “text match”. For example, if a user is looking for a specific term which is never used by your site, it is not too likely that the search engine will consider your site a good candidate to answer this user's request.


You should try to make the text of your web sites match queries of potential clients.