Filtering adult content

Most users want to protect themselves and their children from “adult” websites. Yandex Search has three filtration modes to protect users from such content: moderate, safe search and unfiltered.

The moderate search filter is enabled by default, it removes “adult sites” from searches that are clearly not for such content.

Family search can be activated in the search settings and offers the safest way of protecting children from profanities and pornographic material in the search results.

Webpages, sites and images are all filtered by Yandex automatically.

The family search and moderate filters are the best way of removing undesirable content from the search results. However, even these filters function incorrectly or make omissions. If you come across an “adult site” in Yandex search results with either of these filters enabled, please forward us the address.

Select Do not filter in the settings page to stop the search results from being filtered in any way.