What is distribution?

When distribution is used, the planned number of impressions or campaign budget is spent gradually over the course of the entire line period. The system attempts to follow the planned schedule, which is automatically recalculated a few times a day. During recalculation, daily/weekly fluctuations and the percent of the plan that has been completed are taken into account.

If impressions are served at a slower rate than planned, the system speeds up the line. If impressions are served at a faster rate than planned, the system slows down the line.

The speed at which a plan is carried out is determined this way: the planned number of impressions/campaign budget at the moment is compared to the number of impressions that have already been served/campaign budget that has already been spent.


Distribution is enabled by default with the “Budget”, “Fixed CPM” and “Minimum CPM” strategies, and is always disabled with the “Average CPM” strategy.