Managing agency representatives

You can distribute the work on agency clients and ad campaigns between several accounts which are called agency representatives. There are no restrictions to the total number of representatives you can have.

Representative roles

The role of a representative determines the set of actions available to them in the Yandex.Direct interface. Meanwhile in Yandex.Balance, representatives of all roles have full access to an agency's financial information.

Agencies have the following roles available:
  • Chief representative
  • Representative
  • Client representative

An agency must have one chief representative who, in addition to working with clients, manages the other representatives.

Information about the access rights of each role is presented in the table below:

Chief representative Representative Client representative
View representatives list
Editing representatives
Registering representatives
Removing representatives
Restoring representatives
Changing a representative's role
Assigning client representatives
Working with clients All agency clients All agency clients Only the clients assigned by the chief representative

Registering representatives

Only the chief representative can register a representative. To do this, on the Administration page, click Agency representatives. The agency representatives page will open. Then click on Appoint a new representative. Enter the username which has not been used for working in Yandex.Direct, the necessary personal information of the representative and then choose a role from the list.
Attention. Yandex recommends using only accounts that you have registered in Yandex yourself. To do this, click register username for a new representative and create an account. After registering, give the representative a username and password. The representative will change their password when they first access the account.

A representative gets access to ad campaign management not only in Yandex.Direct, but also in other Yandex commercial services, such as Yandex.Bayan.

Assigning client representatives

A recently-created client representative does not have access to agency clients. This representative can instead create a new client and begin working with them.

The chief representative manages representative access to agency clients. They can do this by clicking Assign clients to agency representatives on the agency represenatives page. Select a representative to work with clients, and mark the clients that representative will work with. You can only assign one client representative to a client. To remove servicing for a client by a reprensentative, uncheck the box opposite the client's username. Click Save to apply the changes.

The list of clients a representative works with can be seen by clicking on the representative's username on the agency representatives page.

Removing representatives

Only the chief representative can remove a representative. To do this, click on the corresponding link next to a username on the representatives page. Removed representatives will lose their access to the agency interface not only in Yandex.Direct, but also on other Yandex commercial services.

All removed agency representatives can be seen in the Deleted representatives tab. If a removed representative was unable to create a campaign, you can restore that representative. To do this, click Restore opposite the username of a representative in a list.

Changing a representative's role

The chief representative can appoint another agency representative as chief. To do this click Change chief representative on the agency representatives page, choose a username from the list and click Appoint. Client representatives cannot assign the chief representative. A former chief representative cannot manage agency representatives and is given the role of representative.

The chief representative can change the role of any agency representative. To do this, remove the representative, then restore them, indicating the new role in the Access rights section.