12 vacancies
Senior Backend Developer for Basic Infrastructure Services, International Development Team
Yandex is looking for a Senior Developer to design and build new components and upgrade existing ones. Apply if you have 5+ years of industrial development experience in Python or Java/Kotlin.
Technical Project Manager, Yandex Cloud
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Technical Project Manager to unify our infrastructure, develop new approaches to service availability, and write technical documentation. Apply if you are familiar with fault-tolerant, distributed systems and can read and write code in a modern programming language.
Infrastructure Developer - Compute
Yandex Cloud is looking for an Infrastructure Developer to develop and improve mechanisms for allocating computing resources, tracking virtual machine health, and live migration. Apply if you have experience building fault-tolerant services and developing Linux or Unix-based applications.
Hypervisor Developer
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Hypervisor Developer to optimize I/O, integrate the hypervisor into more services, and drive low-level security. Apply if you know C and C++, understand x86-compatible devices, and can write system code in user mode for Linux.
Lead SRE at Yandex Cloud
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Lead SRE to handle production across our regional presences, work with development teams to advance product architecture and boost availability, and improve our processes and management tools. Apply if you have 7+ years of experience with Go, Python, or C++.
Product Analyst
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Product Analyst to conduct end-to-end analytics, develop a product metric pyramid, and look for growth avenues. Apply if you have a degree in math/programming/economics, 3+ years of experience in analytics, knowledge of SQL, and fluent English.
Cybersecurity Manager at Yandex Cloud
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Security Analyst in Israel to prepare the company for security certifications, improve security processes, manage local controls, and communicate with the market and clients. Apply if you know how to improve security processes and promote customer trust.
Site Reliability Engineer (Yandex Database)
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to develop and automate the infrastructure needed to advance and scale Yandex Database. Apply if you have experience developing and implementing high-load distributed systems.
Software Developer (YDB)
Yandex Database is looking for a Software Developer to help design and develop core components. Apply if you know C++, Java, Python, Go, or C#; are prepared to write in C++ and/or Java; and know classic algorithms and data structures.
CRM Backend Developer
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a CRM Backend Developer to automate processes for our support service. This includes building a high-performance pipeline to process requests across multiple international locations. Apply if you know Java and write reliable, high-performance code.
Billing Backend Developer at Yandex Cloud
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Billing Backend Developer. Apply if you understand algorithms and data structures and have experience working with relational database management systems.
Site Reliability Engineer, Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes
Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes is looking for Site Reliability Engineers to research and fix problems with managed and own infrastructure, also helping with problem analysis and mitigation. Apply if you have software development experience, have operated mid-sized and large distributed systems, and have experience in Linux network and container technology.
Mon Nov 08 2021 11:02:31 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)