Pricing and terms

The API for Business (Commercial API) allows you to track transport, use maps in closed systems, and exceed the daily limit on requests. Suitable for high-load systems and projects with large audiences.

The Yandex.Maps API includes 3 products:

Each of the API products can be used free of charge or for a fee, depending on what type of project you have and how many requests per day you'll be making.

The free API is not the right fit for everyone. There are several requirements you must meet:

  1. All data received from the API must be displayed on the map with the Yandex logo visible. You can't change the data or store it.
  2. The map must be used for a website or application that is freely accessible, meaning anyone can see it without paying to register or getting special rights. For instance, the map can't be used on a company's intranet or on a website that is accessible only by invitation.
  3. The API must not be used for tracking vehicles or mobile employees.
  4. If you plan to use the JavaScript API and Geocoder HTTP API, you must send fewer than 25,000 requests per day, or 500 requests per day for the Places API. What counts as a request

If your project doesn't meet one or more of these requirements, you will need to pay to use the API.
More information about the terms of free use.

What else to consider

All the technical capabilities of the Maps API can be accessed either for free, or for a fee. But there are a few nuances to consider.

  • If you are using the API for free and you exceed the daily request limit, the map will stop working until the end of the 24-hour period. This won't happen with paid use – any requests over the limit are charged separately.
  • You can't use the "Satellite" and "Hybrid" maps in the paid version of the API, because this is prohibited by the partners who provide satellite images to Yandex.


Estimate the approximate number of requests per day that your service will be making to the Yandex.Maps API, and choose the appropriate limit. What counts as a request.

Please note that the three products have separate pricing plans, and you must select one for each of the products you will use. You pay the amount for your chosen request limit one time before you begin using the product. If you send additional requests over the limit in your pricing plan, they are charged separately via monthly invoice.

Please contact for pricing information.

If you need pricing for over 100,000 requests per day send email to with your project details and expected requests amount.

⚠️ If you change or store the data received via the API, the price increases by 500,000 rubles per year.

How to activate one of the plans

  1. To do this, fill in the form and choose the pricing plans for the Yandex.Maps API products you will be using.
  2. Fill out the agreement
    (It is sent to your email with instructions after you get the key.)
  3. Wait until we finalize the agreement
    We will send you the hard copy by mail and a digital copy by email. We will send you a bill as soon as we receive the signed agreement or a copy of it. When you pay the bill and Yandex receives the money, you can start using the API.
Mon Oct 31 2022 13:04:17 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)