Yandex Launches Winter Games Project

Internet, January 30, 2014. Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) has launched its Winter Games 2014 project, providing Russians with detailed, up-to-the-minute coverage of events at the international sporting event in Sochi.

The project’s website will feature complete information about all the competitions: timetables and telecasts, reports on every kind of contest and articles about the medal contenders. The site aims to be broadly accessible, so that people who normally don’t follow sports will be able to quickly find out who to cheer for, what are the main points of interest, and who are the Russian team’s toughest rivals in ski jumping, for example, or skeleton. After each competition, the site will display the winners’ names, along with reportage on the event and photos of the most exciting moments. A medal tally will keep sports fans informed about which country is in the lead.

“Winter Games isn’t our first sports project. We create such projects for all major sports events, since they’re of interest to a large number of people,” said Andrey Usenko, Yandex’s head of sports projects. “Yandex covered Euro 2012, as well as the Games in London. Of course, we couldn’t overlook the Games in Sochi, which the whole country is looking forward to. The current project differs from the previous ones in both its scale and its content. It is designed so that everybody, even those who know nothing about sport, will find it interesting to follow the action in Sochi.”

More details on Winter Games 2014 can be found on Yandex’s blog (in Russian).

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