Yandex Releases New Yandex.Music App for iPhone

Internet, November 29, 2012. Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) has rolled out a new version of its Yandex.Music app for iPhone. The updated Yandex.Music is now a fully-fledged universal player that can play music from a number of sources, identify songs and suggest tunes for any taste.

In addition to the 4.5 million tracks of all genres and styles currently available on the desktop Yandex.Music service, the app’s users can also play music from their own collection uploaded directly to their phone or to their account on Yandex’s free cloud storage service, Yandex.Disk.

The updated Yandex.Music app also features personalised radio, which allows users to create their own music streams by suggesting similar tracks based, among other things, on the user’s preferences, collective streaming history on the desktop Yandex.Music service, and the genre and language of tracks, albums and artists. This feature is now also available on Yandex.Music at

After integration with the SoundHound technology, Yandex.Music for iPhone can identify music played into the phone’s microphone and stream this music back to the user. The tunes that the app finds in its database can also be added to user’s playlist. The app also looks for potential matches for the unknown music on Yandex.Search and suggests them to the user. The app’s first screen also offers just-released albums and top tracks.

Yandex.Music for iPhone is available for users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. After a free two-week trial period, the app is available for monthly subscription. The updated app’s subscription fee is currently discounted from 199 to 99 roubles per month when paid on, and to 129 roubles per month when paid through the app. This offer runs until February 2013. The web-based service is free.

Yandex.Music for iPhone can be downloaded from the AppStore.

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