Yandex Removes Required User Registration

Internet, August 31, 2011. From today, web users can log into Yandex without registration or authorization. They can access all personal services on Yandex via their accounts on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

It takes just one or two clicks to log on to Yandex via an account on Twitter or VKontakte from either a computer or a mobile device. No authorization is required to read or send emails from Yandex.Mail, talk to people on or post comments on Yandex.Market.

At the first log-on from an external account, Yandex automatically creates a new user account based on the information provided by the user in their profile. Users do not need to enter their profile password when logging into Yandex. Those users who are already registered on Yandex can link their accounts on other websites to their Yandex account, and log into Yandex without a password. Also, users can disable automatic authorization on Yandex via any of their profiles at any time.

“It is convenient to register one user account and use it for multiple websites”, says Viktor Karpov, Project Manager. “We have been testing this mode of authorization for several months and, finally, today it is available for all web users”.

Yandex’s system of user authorization via external accounts is based on the OAuth technology and analogues that allow websites to access information on other websites without providing a user login and password.

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