Yandex.Mail for iPhone

Internet, June 22, 2011. Yandex has rolled out an email application for the iPhone. Users can have full access to emails in their Yandex.Mail account from anywhere via mobile interface on their internet-connected phone.

A mobile email application is more than a mailbox in the pocket. It also features a chat function useful for those stuck in a traffic jam or whiling away the time in a café. In addition to their Yandex.Mail account, users can also access any of their personal domain email accounts available through Yandex.Mail. To read more about Yandex.Mail for mobile, please visit the company blog (in Russian).

“This mobile application combines the functions appreciated by the users of Yandex.Mail and those valued by iPhone users,” says Anton Zabannykh, head of networking services at Yandex. “So, our mobile users can organize emails by subject or sort them by lables, take a photo without leaving the new email page and attach this photo right to the current message. Moreover, the application is always ready with an answer to the ‘where are you?’ question. After the user enables the ‘Locate me’ option, the application automatically creates a link to the map with the user’s current location, which can be instantly emailed from the phone.”

Yandex.Mail for iPhone is free and available for download on the App Store.

Other previously released Yandex.Mail applications support Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java.

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