Yandex.Metrica Offers Link Mapping Tool

Internet, May 13, 2010. Yandex.Metrica web statistics tool launches a link mapping feature. It allows users to see which links on their site attract visitors’ attention and which ones remain unnoticed. All links on a page equipped with Yandex.Metrica are colour-coded based on their popularity.

A link map helps website owners to track visitor behaviour and better understand strengths and weaknesses in the website’s layout. This feature shows which of the website’s internal links are most used, which are rarely used, and which are not used at all. A site owner can see whether the most important links, like those leading to the order form or registration page, get clicked. To read more about Yandex.Metrica’s link mapping feature, please visit the company blog (in Russian).

“A webmaster or a site owner may know their web resource inside out, but how they see their site might differ from how their visitors see it”, says Mikhail Razuvayev, head of Yandex.Metrica. “The link mapping feature and other Metrica tools give our users the opportunity to consider their visitors’ experience and, with this in mind, make improvements to their site”.

Yandex.Metrica’s key features are well-designed, comprehensible statistical maps and reports. They show sources of visitor traffic, track visitor behaviour and record the time a visitor spends on a particular page on a website. Using Metrica’s report wizard, website owners can customize standard statistical reports or even create some of their own. Yandex.Metrica allows to choose up to ten target parameters for statistical tracking. A web shop owner, for instance, can set up a counter for the number or price list downloads or clicks on the ‘Add to shopping cart’ button.

Yandex.Metrica’s counters can be installed on any website regardless of what technology it is based on – html, ajax or flash. Yandex.Metrica users install more than 3,000 counters per day.

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