Yandex Extends its Presence in Ukraine

Internet, August 20, 2008. Yandex embarked on a new stage of developing its infrastructure in Ukraine by increasing bandwidth between the company’s datacenters in Moscow and an Internet Exchange Point (UA-IX) in Ukraine five times, from 30 Mbit/s to 145 Mbit/s.

"Yandex has been maintaining a connection between UA-IX and its own resources from April 2006. Over the past two years we changed its configuration and bandwidth several times, considerably increasing its speed and minimizing delays,” says Sergey Petrenko, head of Yandex.Ukraine. “We are primarily concerned with making access to our services easier and cheaper for the end users, and it pays in expanding audience.”

The company’s new networking equipment recently installed in Kiev is now used as an element of distributed file storage system for the Yandex.Narod service. "Yandex has a number of traffic-intensive services, Narod being one of them,” explains Aleksey Sokolov, head of Yandex Regional Infrastructure. Web users quite often exchange files with their friends and family living nearby. We reckon that localizing a distributed file storage system for web users will speed up the service and take off the load from the regional channels. In future, we plan to intensify the use of our equipment in UA-IX, particularly, for caching “heavy” content like pictures, videos , elements of Yandex.Maps".

Ukrainian users have been benefiting from “direct” access to Yandex since April 2006, after the company set up its networking equipment in the Ukrainian Internet Exchange Point UA-IX in Kiev. Yandex users in Ukraine enjoy 1 Gbit/s bandwidth accessing the company’s resources

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