Yandex.Mail Speaks Ukrainian

Internet, June 9, 2008. Yandex.Mail is now fully available in Ukrainian. Since last year, Yandex users in Ukraine can send emails from the Ukrainian domain Starting today, they can write emails and send them using the Ukrainian interface.

After the interface elements of Yandex.Mail have been put in a separate module, translating the interface into any language is a matter of only a few days.

The Ukrainian version of Yandex.Mail was developed by the team in Yandex's office in Kiev, which opened a year ago.

Yandex search was the company's first service offered in Ukrainian: from October 2007, Ukrainian websites have been ranking at the top of Yandex’s search results in Ukraine, and the search interface was also translated into Ukrainian.

Shortly thereafter, Yandex announced that its contextual ad-serving system Yandex.Direct started to support the Ukrainian language.

Yandex.Mail is a free email service offering unlimited mailbox size, a possibility to send files as large as 750 Mb, filter settings (including email retrieval from other mailboxes, email forwarding, auto-reply) as well as spam- and virus- free environment.

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