Saint Petersburg Traffic on Yandex.Maps

Internet, March 18, 2008. Yandex is now providing traffic maps for three capitals: Moscow, Kiev and Saint Petersburg. Starting today, residents of Saint Petersburg can plan their trips around the city using Yandex.Maps, just like residents of Moscow or Kiev.

In addition to showing traffic jams, blocks and congestions, the maps highlight segments with light traffic – faster than 40 km/h. For most highlighted road segments the service also shows traffic direction, length and average traffic speed.

Traffic information is provided by the CityGuide system, which collects and aggregates the data from motorists. Yandex.Maps processes the data and updates traffic maps every four minutes.

Approximately half a million people use Yandex.Maps daily. In September 2007 Yandex.Maps added satellite images of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region prior to rolling out the city metro search at the end of the year. Yandex.Traffic completes the full pack of services provided by Yandex.Maps now available to all residents of the Northern Capital.

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