Yandex.Direct Now Speaks English

Internet, January 16, 2008. Yandex launched, an English-language webpage for the non-Russian speaking users of the Yandex.Direct contextual ad serving system. Yandex.Direct now also has an English-language user interface, which means that users can create and run advertising campaigns, customize settings, track campaign performance not only in Russian or Ukrainian, but also in English, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

“With the needs of our users in mind, we are trying to make the Yandex.Direct service available for all Internet users without exception,” says Eugene Lomize, head of the Yandex advertising technologies group. “The English-language interface is another step toward a universal service”.

Ukrainian users were the first to experience the Yandex.Direct service in their mother tongue

Yandex.Direct is the first and the largest ad-serving system for contextual advertising on the Russian Internet. Ads are displayed for millions of users on search results pages and on the pages of the Yandex Advertising Network. Recently, the number of ad displays on Yandex.Direct exceeded one billion displays per week.

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