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Yandex Updates Logo to Reflect Current Ecosystem of Online and Offline Services

Yandex has revealed an updated logo, both in Russian and English. The refreshed logo reflects our transformation from a search provider to an ecosystem of products and services for everyday life. 

The previous version was created in 2008 and designed primarily for viewing with a desktop computer when Yandex was a search engine and internet portal offering its services exclusively online. Back then, no one could have predicted that an internet company could deliver groceries or develop self-driving cars.

Now that mobile phones have overtaken desktop devices and the line between online and offline worlds has blurred, Yandex makes products and services for both. For instance, in addition to Yandex apps, Yandex.Eats couriers now deliver orders from restaurants, Yandex Go taxis carry passengers and Yandex.Lavka scooter drivers bring people their groceries in under 15 minutes. 

The new logo reflects this modern reality. It was designed to look natural on any platform and in any environment, digital or physical, from apps in your phone to a delivery box at your door to a driverless car on your street.

The logo is updated but maintains a connection with the previous version to represent that all of Yandex’s products and services originate from the same core technology – search algorithms.

The new Yandex logo is part of a broader rebranding plan to update the graphic design of all Yandex products and services, both online and offline.