Yandex.Direct API

March 2019
Disabled ad network settings for conversion strategies
11 March 2019, 16:58

The Campaigns service has new settings for conversion strategies.

If one of the following strategies is selected for search:

  • AVERAGE_CPA, AVERAGE_ROI or WB_MAXIMUM_CONVERSION_RATE for a “Text & Image Ads” campaign
  • AVERAGE_CPI or WB_MAXIMUM_APP_INSTALLS for an “Ads for mobile apps” campaign

then there is no support for the NetworkDefault.BidPercent and NetworkDefault.LimitPercent parameters in ad networks, or for the MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC option in the Settings structure.

The add and update methods ignore the passed values and return a warning. To enable the strategy in NETWORK_DEFAULT networks, you need to pass an empty NetworkDefault structure.

The get method doesn't return the NetworkDefault structure or the MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC option.

Price in ads
27 March 2019, 18:56

Now you can configure the price of a product or service to show in a text and image ad.

  • To add or change the price, pass the price parameters in the PriceExtension structure of the Ads.add or Ads.update method.
  • To remove the price, pass the nil (null) value in the PriceExtension parameter for the Ads.update method.

To get the price parameters, call the Ads.get method with the TextAdPriceExtensionFieldNames and TextAdFieldNames parameters in the request.

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