Yandex.Direct API

Disabled ad network settings for conversion strategies

The Campaigns service has new settings for conversion strategies.

If one of the following strategies is selected for search:

  • AVERAGE_CPA, AVERAGE_ROI or WB_MAXIMUM_CONVERSION_RATE for a “Text & Image Ads” campaign
  • AVERAGE_CPI or WB_MAXIMUM_APP_INSTALLS for an “Ads for mobile apps” campaign

then there is no support for the NetworkDefault.BidPercent and NetworkDefault.LimitPercent parameters in ad networks, or for the MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC option in the Settings structure.

The add and update methods ignore the passed values and return a warning. To enable the strategy in NETWORK_DEFAULT networks, you need to pass an empty NetworkDefault structure.

The get method doesn't return the NetworkDefault structure or the MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC option.