Yandex.Direct API

September 2016
API News
7 September 2016, 15:04

For the AdGroups.get method, you can now get the parameters of a group of dynamic ads that has a feed as the data source.

API News
9 September 2016, 01:12

You can now use the CreateNewReport (Live) method to get report data on a retargeting condition used for applying a bid adjustment for site users:
the rl_adjustment_id indicator has been added to the report. The value "clAdjustment" has been added to the GroupByColumns input parameter.

The GetBanners (Live) method has the new value project_declaration for the AdWarnings output parameter. And in the Ads.get method, added the PROJECT_DECLARATION value for the AdCategories parameter.

Limited Support for Some API Live 4 Methods
13 September 2016, 13:26

Beginning 15 September, there will be error #59 appearing on some API Live 4 method calls, notifying these methods are deprecated and transition to API 5 is strongly recommended.

Please see the full list of these API Live 4 methods below:

CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live), GetCampaignsList (Live), GetCampaignsListFilter (Live), GetCampaignsParams (Live), GetCampaignParams (Live), DeleteCampaign (Live), ResumeCampaign (Live), StopCampaign (Live), ArchiveCampaign (Live), UnArchiveCampaign (Live), CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live), GetBanners (Live), DeleteBanners (Live), ModerateBanners (Live), ResumeBanners (Live), StopBanners (Live), ArchiveBanners (Live), UnArchiveBanners (Live), Keyword (Live), GetBannerPhrases (Live), GetBannerPhrasesFilter (Live), SetAutoPrice (Live), UpdatePrices (Live), GetChanges (Live).

In the “Migration guide” you will find all the necessary information on method equivalents and campaign parameters for API version Live 4 and API 5.

API News
23 September 2016, 12:50

In one week, there will be a new range of dates for the availability of average ad position statistics generated by the CreateNewReport (Live) method. The data on the average position will be available starting from November 1, 2014. Data is currently available starting from July 1, 2014.

If you need average position statistics for the period from July 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014, we recommend that you request it within the next few days.

New Services in API version 5: AudienceTargets and RetargetingLists
30 September 2016, 20:02

In API 5, we added new services, the AudienceTargets service for managing audience targets, and the RetargetingLists service for managing retargeting lists.

Audience targets allow you to display ads to users who have already shown interest in the advertiser's products and services by visiting the website or submitting their contact information. An audience target contains a retargeting list and settings for displaying ads to this audience (the bid and/or priority).

A retargeting list defines the criteria for selecting users. Retargeting lists are used in audience targets and in bid adjustments. To set up a retargeting list, you can use goals and segments configured in Yandex.Metrica, or segments configured in Yandex.Audience.

You can see more details in the documentation.