Yandex.Direct API

1st Stage of Transition to v5: Limited Support for Some API 4 and Live 4 Methods

As you may remember, we plan to start gradual transition to the API version 5 and discontinue the use of some deprecated API 4 and API Live 4 methods. Today we’d like to let you know about the beginning of the first step of this transition.

In a week, there will be error #59 appearing on some API 4 method calls, notifying these methods are deprecated and transition to API 5 is strongly recommended. Please see the full list of these API 4 methods below.

Two weeks after the completion of the first step, we will begin the second step of the transition: these methods will no longer be available in API 4. The API Live 4 methods will be closed later – around August, 20. You will be kept informed about each step.

Here’s the list of API 4 methods to be deprecated in two weeks:

CreateOrUpdateCampaign, GetCampaignsList, GetCampaignsListFilter, GetCampaignsParams, GetCampaignParams, DeleteCampaign, ResumeCampaign, StopCampaign, ArchiveCampaign, UnArchiveCampaign, CreateOrUpdateBanners, GetBanners, DeleteBanners, ModerateBanners, ResumeBanners, StopBanners, ArchiveBanners, UnArchiveBanners, GetBannerPhrases, GetBannerPhrasesFilter, SetAutoPrice, UpdatePrices, GetChanges.

And the list of API Live 4 methods to be deprecated in August:

CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live), GetCampaignsList (Live), GetCampaignsListFilter (Live), GetCampaignsParams (Live), GetCampaignParams (Live), DeleteCampaign (Live), ResumeCampaign (Live), StopCampaign (Live), ArchiveCampaign (Live), UnArchiveCampaign (Live), CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live), GetBanners (Live), DeleteBanners (Live), ModerateBanners (Live), ResumeBanners (Live), StopBanners (Live), ArchiveBanners (Live), UnArchiveBanners (Live), Keyword (Live), GetBannerPhrases (Live), GetBannerPhrasesFilter (Live), SetAutoPrice (Live), UpdatePrices (Live), GetChanges (Live).

In the “Migration guide” you will find all the necessary information on method equivalents and campaign parameters for API version Live 4 and API 5.