Yandex.Direct API

Time to prepare for the gradual transition to API 5

As you know, last June we launched the API 5 — a version with completely new architecture, which allows to add almost any new functionality with backward compatibility support. During all that time the fifth version has been working as an add-on to the API Live 4; however, all the new features are supported only in API 5.

Now we’d like to announce our plans of the gradual transition to the API version 5 and discontinuation of the API 4 and API Live 4 methods — so you can prepare for forthcoming changes right now.

These changes consist of a couple of steps:

I. In three months — approximately at the end of June — we plan to deprecate several methods of API 4 and API Live 4 versions. Please see the list of these methods below.

II. After a month after the completion of the first step, these methods will no longer be available.

We will limit our support for other deprecated methods in API 4 and Live 4 as respective API 5 services are introduced.

You will be kept informed about each step.

The list of deprecated methods:

  • Campaigns managing:
    CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live) and CreateOrUpdateCampaign, GetCampaignsList (Live) and GetCampaignsList, GetCampaignsListFilter (Live) and GetCampaignsListFilter, GetCampaignsParams (Live) and GetCampaignsParams, GetCampaignParams (Live) and GetCampaignParams, DeleteCampaign, ResumeCampaign, StopCampaign, ArchiveCampaign, UnArchiveCampaign
  • Ads managing:
    CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live) and CreateOrUpdateBanners, GetBanners (Live) and GetBanners, DeleteBanners (Live) and DeleteBanners, ModerateBanners (Live) and ModerateBanners, ResumeBanners (Live) and ResumeBanners, StopBanners (Live) and StopBanners, ArchiveBanners (Live) and ArchiveBanners, UnArchiveBanners (Live) and UnArchiveBanners
  • Keywords managing:
    Keyword (Live), GetBannerPhrases (Live) and GetBannerPhrases, GetBannerPhrasesFilter (Live) and GetBannerPhrasesFilter
  • Bids managing:
    SetAutoPrice (Live) and SetAutoPrice, UpdatePrices (Live) and UpdatePrices
  • Additional methods:

In the “Migration guide” you will find all the necessary information on method equivalents and campaign parameters for API version Live 4 and API 5.