Adult content filter

The app shows content (texts, music, movies, and videos) an applies moderate age restrictions by default. You can change the settings so that Yandex completely excludes adult content from search results or doesn't filter it at all.

To set up filtering:

  1. Go to settings  → .
  2. Tap Adult content filter.
  3. Select a filter:
    • Family search: Yandex excludes “adult” content from search results even the query is clearly directed at finding such resources.

    • Moderate filter: “Adult” content is excluded from search results if the query doesn't explicitly search for such resources.
    • No filter: Search results include all the documents found for the query, including “adult” content.

    The Family and Moderate filters exclude unsuitable content from search results quite reliably, but sometimes they may fail or go wrong. If they aren't working properly, please contact support.