Adult content filter

By default, the app shows content (texts, music, movies, and videos), moderately applying age restrictions. You can set the app so that Yandex blocks out adult content completely or doesn't filter it at all.

To set up filtering:

  1. Tap (profile picture)  → App settings.
  2. Tap Adult content filter.
  3. Select a filter:
    • Family mode: Yandex doesn't show “adult” content even when receiving an explicit command to search for such resources.

    • Moderate: “Adult” content is excluded from the search results unless there's an explicit command to search for such resources.
    • No restrictions: Yandex shows everything that matches your query, including “adult” content.

    Family and Moderate modes exclude undesired content from search results quite efficiently, but sometimes they may not work or make mistakes. If you have encountered any errors, please contact support.