Cargo and parcel insurance

Starting August 29, 2019, all cargo and parcels transported under Yandex.Taxi “Cargo” and “Delivery” are insured up to RUB 500,000.

How does insurance work for “Cargo” and “Delivery”?

Your property is insured from when the driver or courier arrives (taps Arrived) to when they complete cargo transport or delivery (driver or courier taps Finish). If the user cancels their request, the insurance is no longer valid.

If you ordered a vehicle with cargo handlers as part of the Yandex.Taxi “Cargo” service class, the insurance also covers loading and unloading.

Note that in the “Cargo” service class, cargo transport is carried out by Yandex.Taxi partners under a vehicle charter contract strictly in your presence.

Insurance coverage

Insurance covers the damage, destruction or loss of the cargo or parcel. It does not apply to all cargo types.


  1. Firearms; signal, pneumatic, and gas weapons, ammunition, bladed weapons (including throwing), electroshock weapons and spark gaps, as well as the main components of firearms.
  2. Narcotic, psychotropic, highly potent, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, caustic, flammable and other dangerous substances.
  3. Living and dead animals and plants, human body parts or remains, including ashes, raw animal skins.
  4. Banknotes of the Russian Federation and foreign currency (cash), travelers checks, securities, bank and payment cards, gold and silver bullion, excise stamps.
  5. Immunobiological preparations, biological materials, blood.
  6. Artistic valuables and products, antiques, objects of art (paintings, icons, books, manuscripts, sculptures, etc.), exhibit display items, collections.
  7. Photo, audio, video or film materials, including pornographic materials.
  8. Ingots and products from rare-earth metals, precious metals in ingots, precious stones, jewelry.
  9. Floating equipment, ships and yachts, including oversized.
  10. Powdered, bulk and liquid bulk cargo without individual or factory packaging.
  11. Glass and glass porcelain products without special packaging.
  12. Intellectual property objects (projects, developments, technical documentation, manuscripts, etc.), information carriers.
  13. Military cargo.
  14. Fresh fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, berries.
  15. Vehicles (cargo, passenger, bus).
  16. Oversized and overweight loads.
  17. Cargoes requiring climate control.

The total of all insurance settlement payments for one insurance event cannot exceed RUB 500,000.

Insurance price

Insurance is free.

How to activate insurance

Insurance is already active for all Yandex.Taxi “Cargo” and “Delivery” orders in Russia.

In what event compensation is paid

  1. During transport of the cargo or parcel it was damaged in a traffic accident.
  2. The cargo or parcel was damaged in transit despite being packaged properly.
  3. The cargo or parcel was damaged during loading or unloading by the cargo handlers ordered as an option in the Yandex.Taxi “Cargo” service class.
  4. Your parcel was lost (short delivered) or damaged during a Yandex.Taxi partner “Delivery” order.

How to apply for compensation

  1. Contact us about what happened and include pictures. We'll help guide you through everything and forward your message to the insurance company.
  2. If the damage occurred as a result of a traffic accident, you must be included in the traffic police's incident investigation and obtain an official judgement on the administrative infraction.
  3. The insurance company will contact you and provide a list of documents required to receive compensation.
  4. Within two weeks after receiving all required documents, the insurance company will make a decision on your insurance event and transfer money to your bank account.

Required documents to apply for compensation

The insurance company is obligated to provide a complete list.

In most cases, compensation requires:

  • The application for insurance compensation
  • The claim from the party whose property was damaged
  • The traffic accident report
  • Photos of the damage to the property

More details can be found in the insurance company rules.

These instructions are not a public offer. Please contact Support if you have any unanswered questions about the insurance program.