Family filter

Many partners do not want to see “adult ads” on their apps' pages. You can enable the family filter for mobile platforms in the Yandex Advertising Network interface in order to restrict “adult” ads from being served in the app. If enabled, “adult ads” will not be served, even if they match the app content. Ads are filtered both by their content and by the keywords set by advertisers.

To determine whether a family filter should be enabled, consider the age of your audience and the app category. Ad blocks offering products or services “for adults” may be inappropriate for apps that have an audience with a wide age range, especially if this includes children. If an app is “adult” themed, you don't need to enable the family filter, because such ad blocks would likely interest users.

To disable or enable the family filter on a specific platform, go to the list of mobile platforms (Products → Mobile platforms ) and click the Edit button in the line for the desired platform. Go to Settings and change the Family filter setting.

All changes to settings will automatically take effect 30 minutes after saving them.


If you still see “adult ads” in your app after enabling the family filter, please send a screenshot of the page to our support service and the URL that the ad links to.

By sending a request to our support service, you can also disable impressions for the following categories:
  • Medicine, health, and beauty
  • Baby food
  • News media
  • Magic and new age
  • Underwear and swimsuits
  • Dating
  • Finance, insurance, and banking services
  • Game currency and virtual goods
  • Get-rich-quick schemes