Mirrors (road snapshots)

To see road images, click Mirrors .

The Motor / Pedestrian toggle appears to the left of the button bar. Select the desired toggle option to see road snapshots taken on the roads available to vehicles or pedestrians, respectively.

Note. Road images are taken and uploaded to the map by Yandex Map Editor app users. For more information, see Help.

A network of blue lines appears on the map, indicating the streets that have road snapshots attached to them:

Note. For the pedestrian mirror layer, road sections that have no snapshots yet are indicated by gray lines.

Hover over the desired point on a blue line to see a snapshot of the selected road (the current image location is highlighted with a circle and viewing direction):

Click on the selected point to open the snapshot in full screen.

In Road snapshots mode, you can:

  1. Move in the desired direction.

    To move, click on the white arrow that indicates the direction of movement in the snapshot:

  2. Share an snapshot, report an error, or close the image (using buttons in the top right):

  3. See when the snapshot was taken (top left) and its location on the map (bottom left):

  4. Select to view other snapshots of the same street: click Other snapshots and you'll see pictures taken at a different time. Click on the desired image to open it in full-screen mode.
  5. To view a series of snapshots, including the selected one, as a slideshow, clickPlay.
  6. When playing a series of snapshots, you can change the playback speed (click the button and select the desired speed):

You can also view a slideshow of road snapshots along your car route.