3.18. Indoor maps

An indoor map is an item that's used for designing and displaying layouts for buildings with multiple levels on Yandex.Maps (railway terminals, airports, shopping malls, business centers, and others).

For example, here is the map of the second level (floor) of Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport:

Such maps have a hierarchical structure: each indoor map is tied to the building's layout and divided into levels. Levels usually match the floor plans and correspond to the building's floors. Each level (floor) is divided into areas of different types. Each level can include barriers, amenities (elevators, stairs, fountains, etc.), information items (such as information boards), and places (businesses) of different types.

Note. Indoor maps do display emergency elevators and don't display service elevators.

The rules for drawing and adding attributes to indoor maps are given in the following sections:

Attention. Users are currently unable to create indoor maps. New maps are created on request (see Requests for indoor map creation).

Currently, we accept requests for indoor maps for shopping centers and railway terminals.