3.16.1. Rules for drawing water transport items

Water transport items include sections of water transport lines, stations, and routes . Rules for drawing sections of water transport lines

When drawing water transport line sections, you must adhere to the following rules:

Draw water transport lines (routes) that are used for passenger transport. Don't draw cargo transport routes on Yandex Map Editor.

You can draw water transport lines (routes) schematically: the line may deviate from the actual route.

Water transport lines are drawn in accordance with General rules for drawing linear items.

In rare cases, service areas for water transport lines are placed near the stations. Such areas create a circle used to properly maintain route options of water transport.

Only users with access rights to editing route options can draw service areas (see section 3.14.3. Rules for creating public transport route options and adding attributes to them). Rules for drawing water transport stations

Water transport stations of the Pier type can paint the docks, slips, slipways, marinas, and fixed landing stages that act as piers.