Terms of Use for Yandex.Maps Service

This document is a translation of Terms of Use for Yandex.Maps Service in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of Terms of Use for Yandex.Maps Service and this translation - only the Russian version of Terms of Use for Yandex.Maps Service is legally binding. The Russian version of Terms of Use for Yandex.Maps Service can be found here: https://yandex.ru/legal/maps_termsofuse/?lang=ru.

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter – Yandex) offers the Internet user (hereinafter – User) to use Yandex.Maps service available at http://maps.yandex.com/ (hereinafter – Service).

1.2. These Terms constitute a supplement to the User Agreement for Yandex Services relative to the procedure for using the Service. In all respects not covered in these Terms, relations between Yandex and the User in connection with the Service use shall be regulated by the User Agreement for Yandex Services (https://yandex.com/legal/rules) as well as by the License to use Yandex Search Engine (https://yandex.com/legal/termsofuse), and the Privacy Policy (https://yandex.com/legal/confidential).

1.3. Once the User starts using the Service/ its individual functions, the User shall be deemed to accept these Terms, as well as the terms and conditions of all the above-mentioned documents, to a full extent, without any exceptions or reservations. If the User disagrees to any of the provisions in the said documents, the User shall not have the right to use the Service.

1.4. These Terms may be modified by Yandex without any special notification; a revised version of the Terms shall come into effect from the moment of its placement in the Internet on the Web site specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided for in a revised version of the Terms. The effective version of the Terms may be found at all times on the page at: https://yandex.com/legal/maps_termsofuse .

1.5. If Yandex has made any amendments to these Terms according to the procedure specified in Clause 1.4 hereof, and the User disagrees to these amendments, the User shall stop using the Service.

1.6. The Service enables the User to gain free access to updated mapping and other reference information. All currently existing functions of the Service as well as their development and/or addition of new ones are the subject of these Terms.

2. Use of the Service. Individual Functions of the Service

2.1. The Service uses objects of intellectual property, with copyright owned by respective rightholders, as well as information provided by its holders. The full list of rightholders and information holders shall be given in Clause 3 of these Terms.

2.2. Any information used in the Service, including mapping materials (hereinafter – «Data»), is meant solely for personal noncommercial use. Any copying of the Data, their reproduction, conversion, distribution, promulgation (publication) in the Internet, any use of the Data in mass media and/or for commercial purposes without a prior written consent of the right holder, shall be prohibited, save in cases explicitly specified in these Terms, the terms of using other Yandex services, or documents mentioned in Clause 1.2 of these Terms.

2.3. The Service functionally enables the User to add at the User’s choice and discretion User information on the maps, including signs, marks, inscriptions, messages, etc, (hereinafter – User objects). Applying User objects does not modify the source Data and is allowed solely for the User’s convenience in using the Service. The User has the right to create, store and place for free access in the Internet references to User objects. References to User objects may be also spread by other users of the Service.

2.4. The User shall fully bear at his discretion all risks and responsibility for choosing the location of User objects, compliance with the law, contents, completeness, correctness and reliability of the description of added User objects. Yandex shall bear no responsibility for the designation and description of any User object, shall not confirm or deny compliance with the law, correctness and reliability of the description of any User object. Yandex reserves the right, without any forewarning and at its own discretion, to remove any User object or a set of User objects, if the information in its description contradicts the law, contains abusive language, and also in other cases, when the designation and/or description of User objects and/or placement of a reference to User objects violates these Terms, the terms of using other Yandex services or provisions of the documents specified in Clause 1.2 of these Terms, and also for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of Yandex, service users, or other third parties. Yandex does not guarantee safety of data about User objects in any volume and/or during any time, including in the event of Data modification due to the Service development or change.

2.5. The Service provides the User with a functional possibility of automatic routing on the maps, pointing to an alternative route from the starting point to the destination indicated by the User (hereinafter – «Route»). The routing does not modify the source Data and is allowed solely for the User’s convenience in using the Service.

2.6. The User shall fully bear at his discretion all risks and responsibility for choosing a Route and following a chosen Route. Yandex does not guarantee accuracy, optimality, relevance of Routes and/or compliance of Routes with the traffic rules, and does not bear any responsibility for the User’s choice of and following a Route.

2.7. Yandex reserves the right, at its own discretion, to restrict the User’s access to the Service (or to particular functions of the Service if this is technologically possible) under the User’s account, or to fully block the User’s account in case of repeated violation of these Terms, or to apply other measures to the User with the aim to enforce legislative requirements or rights and lawful interests of third parties.

3. Information about the copyright holders and holders of information:

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