Site Reliability Engineer (Yandex Database)

Modern high-load services generate oceans of data. When it comes to collecting and storing it, the situation gets much more complicated when there are tens of thousands of servers generating hundreds of terabytes every day. Reliability demands are sky-high, too. With that in mind, we’re looking for a specialist with experience developing and implementing high-load distributed systems so we can tackle our problems together. You will enjoy the opportunity to help develop and automate infrastructure, advancing and scaling Yandex Database. Yandex Database is a distributed and fault-tolerant database as well as a reliable pipeline used to deliver data.


  • Ensure fault-tolerance, scalability, and uninterrupted operation of the service
  • Roll out cutting-edge cloud technologies to meet infrastructure needs
  • Implement and improve CI/CD processes


  • Practical knowledge of Go, Python, or C++
  • Knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures
  • Familiar and capable of working with Unix systems and network technologies
  • Experience working with control systems for configurations and containerization (Ansible/Salt, Terraform, Docker, k8s, Helm)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Desire to work on the backend (C++)
  • Proven background designing, developing, and implementing high-load distributed systems
  • Practical experience working with various other cloud platforms


  • Strong team to grow with
  • Complex assignments for services with millions of users
  • Opportunity to impact the process and result
  • Competitive salary
  • Review-based bonuses every six months
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Relocation for EU countries
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