CRM Backend Developer

Yandex.Cloud is а full-fledged cloud platform providing scalable infrastructure, storage, machine learning, and development tools to build and enhance digital services and applications. All of these need to be reliable, high-quality, and user-friendly. And our clients appreciate that: there are more than 13,000 companies currently using our platform, with demand for our services growing by 240% in 2021. Enterprise customers are moving their workloads to cloud technologies, but many of them have never worked with cloud technologies before. That's why we believe that high-quality documentation and a strong support service are key to successful cloud projects. Our research shows that the quality of our tech support answers is a key factor in customer satisfaction. They evaluate customer care quality as top priority when picking a cloud platform.

We’re improving and automating processes for the service, building the infrastructure needed to process user requests. Code is written in Java and Python.


  • Develop a state-of-the-art pipeline for processing hundreds of thousands of requests across multiple geographically distributed locations and managing the work process for a hundred engineers
  • Build a system for evaluating and labeling contacts by importance, subject, service, and rate
  • Use ML and NLP algorithms to develop a system for recommending and searching through prepared answers pulled from a knowledge base and documentation
  • Develop a fault-tolerant public API for integration with corporate contact management systems


  • Know Java and can use it to develop the backend
  • Can write reliable, high-performance code
  • Preferred qualifications:
  • Used classification and NLP algorithms
  • Worked with Zendesk, JIRA Service Desk, Usedesk, or other client request processing systems
  • Worked with CRMs
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