Shared account (Account)

The Account object provides automatic distribution of funds between all of an advertiser's active campaigns.

If an advertiser has the shared account enabled, there is no need to add funds to each campaign separately and transfer funds between campaigns. Funds can only be added to the shared account. The cost of clicks for all active campaigns is deducted from the shared account, as well. For more information, see the section Shared account in the Help for Yandex Direct.

Parameters of the shared account

The shared account has an identifier, AccountID. It is returned when enabling the shared account using the EnableSharedAccount (Live) method and getting parameters of the shared account using the AccountManagement (Live) method (Get action).

The shared account contains information about the advertiser's available funds (the Amount and AmountAvailableForTransfer parameters), settings for notification of events related to the shared account, and a number of other parameters.


The shared account cannot be enabled if the advertiser does not have a single campaign.