The Retargeting object defines settings for displaying ads to users who have already shown interest in the advertiser's products or services.

In the Live 4 version, an ad can have several retargeting conditions set for it, either in addition to keywords or instead of them. For more information about retargeting, see Retargeting impressions in the Help for Yandex.Direct.

Goals and segments

To configure a retargeting, use goals and segments set up in Yandex.Metrica (see Goals and conversions and Segmentation in the Help for Yandex.Metrica), and segments from Yandex.Audience (see the Help for Yandex.Audience).

To get a list of available goals and segments, use the GetRetargetingGoals (Live) method.

Retargeting condition

The RetargetingCondition object contains a condition for displaying ads to users.

The retargeting condition contains one or more groups (the RetargetingCondition array) that are grouped by the logical AND operator (the condition is met if all the groups are satisfied).

Each group contains one or more goals or segments (the Goals array) and the type of condition (the Type parameter) for which the group is satisfied:

  • or — "At least one"
  • all — "All"
  • not — "None"

The following structure shows the parameters for retargeting conditions.

   "RetargetingConditionID": (int),
   "RetargetingConditionName": (string),
   "RetargetingConditionDescription": (string),
   "Login": (string),
   "RetargetingCondition": [
     {  /* RetargetingConditionItem */
        "Type": (string),
        "Goals": [
           {  /* RetargetingConditionGoalItem */
              "Time": (int),
              "GoalID": (long)
        ]      }      ...   ]}
To work with retargeting conditions, use the method RetargetingCondition (Live).

Retargeting for ad groups

The Retargeting object is used for associating an ad with retargeting conditions. Retargeting settings are shared across an ad group.

The following structure shows the retargeting parameters.

   "RetargetingID": (int),
   "AdID": (int),
   "RetargetingConditionID": (int),
   "ContextPrice": (float),
   "AutoBudgetPriority": (string),
   "StatusPaused": (string)

A retargeting can only use a retargeting condition that contains at least one "all" or "or" type of group.

Use the Retargeting (Live) method to work with retargeting parameters.