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June 2015
Tune in to Yandex.Radio
4 June 2015, 09:58
Today we’ve announced our newly hatched personal ‘jukebox’ media player Yandex.Radio. This service will be appreciated by anyone wishing to always hear ambient music matching their personal preferences, or serving as a backdrop to anything they do or how they feel at any time of their day or night. The user interface of Yandex.Radio is simple and intuitive – it just lets you play the music that you will enjoy.
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Forgetting the right to search
15 June 2015, 13:38
The State Duma Committee on Information Policy and Communications has discussed a bill that requires search engine operators to delete hyperlinks to illegal or unreliable information, or even reliable information that refers to events that happened three years ago or more, from their search results on requests from individuals and without a court order.
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