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January 2014
Route graph: How it works on Yandex.Maps
8 January 2014, 13:53
Ten to 15 years ago, every driver’s glovebox contained a road atlas – an indispensible guide for planning driving routes. Now, instead of road atlas books, drivers rely more on electronic maps and mobile applications – and, inadvertently, on smart algorithms, which do the hard work figuring out the best routes. Yandex helps people plan journeys with the service, as well as with the Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Maps mobile apps. The technology for plotting routes currently used in all mapping or navigation products all over the world is the same everywhere; the only thing that differs is the interface.
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Facebook ‘Firehose’ Comes to Yandex
14 January 2014, 11:11
One of the biggest changes to have taken place in the internet recently is, without doubt, the rise of social networks. They’ve become so popular that it’s now difficult to imagine the internet without them. Millions of people turn to online social networks every day to catch up with friends and family, share news and opinions, or just have a laugh. Like it or not, they’ve become a part of daily life.
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Yandex Invests in Logistics Services Software Provider
29 January 2014, 11:43
Russia's ecommerce is booming. The country’s online retail made up $12 billion in 2012 and accounted for 1.9% of the total retail trade in the country, according to Morgan Stanley. The global financial services firm has also reported that 48% of Russian internet shoppers started making online purchases in the last two years, and forecasted that internet purchases would make up 4.5% of all retail sales by 2015.
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