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May 2013
Yandex announces its summer school for startups – Tosltoy Summer Camp
16 May 2013, 10:14
There seems to be more venture capital than brilliant ideas on Russia's internet market. At the same time, many of brilliant ideas in the heads of talented people are destined to perish without a chance either because talented people cannot meet each other or because they cannot deliver their ideas in a form approachable for investors. 
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It May Get Really Personal – we have rolled out our second-generation personalised search program
30 May 2013, 14:47
We all know what it takes to understand another person. It’s a lot. Even if all you need to understand is what a person is looking for online. We have been trying to do this for years. A person’s interests and preferences give a good clue as to what they want to find. We used to look into a user’s search history as far as a few months back to choose for them the search results that would be most relevant to their scope of interests.
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Yandex Supports Android Developer Community Initiative To Streamline Multiple App Store Publishing
31 May 2013, 12:26
What any app developer goes for is number of downloads. The bigger is the app store, the tougher is the competition, the harder it is for an app to get noticed even if it's a good app.
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