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June 2013
Yandex Takes Leap With Its New Interactive Search Platform - First In Turkey
5 June 2013, 12:32
Yandex has always been there to give answers. But then there comes a moment when giving answers becomes ‘not enough’. A large portion of the five billion searches that come from almost 100 million Yandex users each month are looking for a solution rather than an answer – people want to pay a bill, check-in for a flight, book a show or a visit to the dentist.
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Yandex Launches Pay-Per-Click Training Programme For International Digital Marketers
11 June 2013, 13:43
With a monthly audience of more than 60 million users, Russia is Europe’s largest internet market, having overtaken Germany in 2011. Naturally, this is attracting ever-growing numbers of European, Asian and American companies seeking to tap into Russia with online sales of goods and services, and looking for digital marketing and advertising opportunities. Yandex is now introducing a special training course for these clients, to help them better take advantage of all the opportunities.
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Yandex.Browser Cut to Fit Android Smartphones and iPad
18 June 2013, 01:49
We have long been witnessing a trend for the internet to go mobile, with more and more users accessing websites or looking for information online on their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. The information that is required ‘here and now’ is easily provided by means of a portable contraption found right in your pocket or handbag. More than 10% of all searches on Yandex come from mobile devices. The Yandex.Search app available for all major platforms has been downloaded 3.7 million times by mobile users all over the world.
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